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  Welcome Colin Spencer!

Welcome Colin Spencer!

6 July, 2018 by Debbie Brace

I am happy to announce that Colin Spencer, who many will know from his work with the City of Bunbury, will be joining Ecoedge in August. Botany has been one of Colin’s primary interests for many years, and we are all looking forward to the opportunities of this new move – Colin can work in a field he loves, Russell can mentor Colin and pass on his immense knowledge, and I get to explore new areas of work and growth and client service that this change opens up, something I love doing. Colin’s enthusiasm is infectious. He is a critical thinker, able to consider things from all angles and make clear decisions. He brings a wealth of experience in environmental management including rehabilitation and revegetation, weed and pest management, and working with regulators, professionals, industry and the local community.

Colin will be involved in field surveys, reporting, and project management, and in finding new opportunities for business growth.

Roll on August!

Until the next time…