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How do we assist Government Agencies and Local Government?

Ecoedge provides botanical survey and analysis and fauna surveys to assist the environmental impact assessment and environmental approval processes. In June 2015, we were appointed to the Western Australian Local Government Association (WALGA) Preferred Supplier Panel. Through its prequalification, which included a comprehensive due diligence process, Ecoedge has been assessed and endorsed by WALGA for its ecological capabilities.

WALGA Preferred Supplier

Selection of Government projects

Main Roads WA

Numerous Reconnaissance and targeted rare flora surveys and fauna and habitat surveys to inform road maintenance, construction, upgrade and offset programs.

Water Corporation

Reconnaissance and Targeted flora survey for the Vasse Diversion Drain

Department of Water

  • Reconnaissance and targeted vegetation and flora surveys

Shire of Dardanup:

  • Numerous Reconnaissance and targeted vegetation and flora surveys and fauna surveys
  • Development of offset proposals
  • Natural Area Initial Assessments
  • Preparation of management plans for reserves
  • Design and delivery of ‘Friends of Groups’ workshops to assist with the management of remnant vegetation

Shire of Capel:

  • Fantastic Front Yards; Design of a 0.6ha public garden containing nine themed garden rooms to demonstrate the use of western Australian plants in an urban landscaping context
  • Delivery of waterwise gardening workshops

Shire of Donnybrook-Balingup

  • Numerous Level 1 Vegetation and flora surveys, including roadsides, reserves and forested areas for gravel exploration
  • Numerous Level 1 Fauna surveys and targeted fauna habitat surveys
  • Desktop assessment of conservation values of vegetated Shire reserves

Shire of Augusta Margaret River

  • Reconnaissance and targeted vegetation and flora surveys

City of Busselton

  • Reconnaissance and targeted vegetation and flora surveys

Shire of Kent

  • Assistance with clearing native vegetation permit application, raw material extraction management rehabilitation plan.
  • Reconnaissance and targeted vegetation and flora and fauna surveys

Shire of Wickepin

  • Tree hazard risk assessment and hazard risk reduction plan

Department of Agriculture and Food Small Landholder Information Service:

  • Development of a series of ‘Noteworthies’ information brochures

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