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  About Ecoedge

About Ecoedge

We believe that a job is only well done when it fully meets our client’s needs.

Our Charter

At Ecoedge, we are committed to delivering the best and most timely service possible to our clients. We work with corporates and industry, government and community, our focus being to find effective, practical solutions for our clients.

The people at Ecoedge are not only incredibly knowledgeable in their chosen fields, but also have an obvious passion and belief in the core values that exist with natural resource management issues.

I have found Ecoedge to be highly professional and adaptable, with a strong commitment to their clients. The presentation and quality of their work has always been of a high standard.”

Timothy Batt, Manager Health Services, Shire of Dardanup

Our Team

Below is a profile of our core staff members. We work together and with a specially selected team of associate botanists.

Debbie Brace  BSc (Hons), Managing Director

Debbie has worked in the environmental field, specialising in strategic environmental planning and project management for 18 years. Debbie has extensive experience in local government policies and procedures, with a focus on vegetation clearing and management, and in finding a balance that enables development and works programs to be carried out whilst at the same time ensuring that environmental principles and outcomes are met.

Debbie has worked and built professional relationships with colleagues in government departments such as Main Roads WA, Department of Water, Environment and Regulation, Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attraction, Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development and Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage.

Debbie’s skills, expertise, open and friendly nature, determination and commitment provide Ecodege with a solid foundation for the continued delivery of the highest possible service for our clients, and for capitalising on opportunities for new directions and growth into the future.


Russell Smith BSc. (Hons), MPhil. Senior Botanist

Russell has over 20 years’ experience as a botanist, spending 6 years in a private consultancy and 12 with the  Department of Conservation and Land Management. Through his work with CALM (now Department of Parks and Wildlife), Russell gained extensive experience in carrying out rare flora searches and vegetation surveys, and in managing threatened species and plant communities in the south west of Western Australia. Russell has carried out vegetation and rare flora surveys throughout the South west, Wheatbelt, Goldfields and Great Southern for a range of State government departments, local governments, mining companies, property developers and as a sub-consultant to other organisations. As well as flora and vegetation surveys, Russell specialises in multivariate analysis of floristic data, identification and mapping of vegetation types, and biodiversity assessments and in the preparation of management plans for conservation reserves and bushland.

Colin Spencer BSc. (Hons.) | Botanist

Prior to becoming a botanist with Ecoedge, Colin worked for ten years as a local government Environmental Officer with the Planning and Development Department of the City of Bunbury. During this time Colin was responsible for the management of over 1000 hectares of vegetation including wetlands, threatened ecological communities and threatened flora. He was also responsible for the management and statutory reporting of three environmental offset sites. In this diverse role as an environmental officer, Colin also acquired substantial experience in the practical application of environmental policy and legislation through the assessment of environmental impacts of development proposals.

Debbie and her specialist team of enthusiastic and dedicated associates work cooperatively, combining our extensive range of skills and expertise for the benefit of our clients. We have established solid links with state government agencies; we know who to talk to and when.

We are members of the Ecological Society of Australia and the Revegetation Industry Association of Western Australia.