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  Bio – Melanie Portman (previously Strang)

Bio – Melanie Portman (previously Strang)

Melanie Portman (previously Strang) | Director, Senior consultant

Graduating in 1998 with a B.Sc. in Environmental Management from Edith Cowan University in Perth, Western Australia, I worked for over eleven years as an environmental consultant with several organisations before founding Ecoedge in 2008.

I specialise in biodiversity conservation and environmental planning and have specialist knowledge in the identification, conservation and restoration of rare and threatened species and vegetation communities.

I started Ecoedge because I could see a need for an environmental consulting firm that dealt in the big picture, not just in the specifics they were being asked to deliver.

I’ve always been as interested in the larger context of the work I’ve been doing, and what the overall need is that my work is contributing to, as I have in the task itself.

That interest has enabled me to achieve goals faster, make use of synergies to add value to projects, and gain additional, unexpected outcomes for projects. For me personally, it’s helped to make my work much more dynamic and interesting and has led to some fantastic opportunities that I would never have dreamed of, one of which you’re reading about now – I captured it and called it Ecoedge.