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  Planting time is almost here

Planting time is almost here

14 April, 2010 by Debbie Brace

Autumn seems to have arrived with a vengeance here in the south west of WA. The constant, soaking rains we’ve experienced over the past few days have been a sight to behold. Similar events have been conspicuous in their absence in recent years – it almost feels special to be having a ‘normal’ start to autumn.

The rain and cooler days have triggered thoughts of upcoming revegetation projects, with many people on the hunt for plants to use in projects this June/July season. Hopefully most of you had your orders in at the nurseries well in advance and have had those orders confirmed, as any remaining stock gets snapped up very quickly at this time of year. Inevitably, some folk will miss out meaning they’re behind a year on their planting schedule. If this has happened to you this year, or you think it may, I urge to to make contact with your suppliers as soon as possible to secure any unallocated stock they may still have. And then, once you’ve salvaged what you can for this year, get our your diary or calendar and write somewhere in October “Determine species list and quantities required for 2011 seedling order”, and then in the last week of November, write “Send in seedling orders!”. That way your order for the 2011 season will be as near to guaranteed as possible.

The rains will also have triggered weed germination so be sure to add a ‘weed inspection’ to this month’s To Do list; that way you’ll be able to plan for weed control, be it in remnant vegetation, previously planted areas or areas you’re intending to plant this season. Remember that old saying:  ‘one year’s seeds means seven years of weeds’… catch the weeds before they set seed and you’ll be years ahead.

Ecoedge update

The response from both existing and potential new clients, associates, partners and friends of Ecoedge to our new website have been fantastic! Many thanks to everyone who emailed in feedback on the site – we really appreciate it and we’re thrilled to hear that the new site meets your needs.

We plan to launch a newsletter in the near future. Our goal is to create a current, relevant but brief news sheet; we’re not at all interested in wasting our readers’ time – we know firsthand how previous that commodity is. Inside, you’ll find information on upcoming events, relevant government policy changes, tips for the current season and heads ups to get you ready for the next, and other things that we feel need to be shared. Even though we all work hard to stay connected, we sometimes fall out of loops or miss hearing about certain stories. We’ll help keep you up to speed by giving you the lowdown on what’s been going on in the sphere of environmental management.

Well, that’s a wrap. Until next time…